Customer Support Agreements(CSAs)

Customer Support Agreements(CSAs)

CSAs tie together the service capabilities of Metro Machinery and offer them as a menu of options that can be tailored to meet the needs of any customer, machine, or application. These include machine inspections, preventive maintenance, repair and maintenance agreements, and flexible support agreements to meet fluctuating workloads.

What is a customer support agreement?

A CSA is any arrangement between you and Metro Machinery that helps you lower your cost per unit of production by providing a planned approach to scheduled services or repairs at a pre-determined price.

Who should have a CSA?

CSAs are for everyone. Customer Support Agreements are not just for large machines or fleets. Everyone from a single machine owner to a mining fleet can be enrolled in a CSA.

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What is covered on a CSA?

All CSA agreements can be customised for your particular needs. Your agreement may include one or a fleet of machines, just machine inspections, preventive maintenance services, powertrain components, hydraulics, undercarriage, labour, or any combination of services.

What benefits does a CSA provide?

A CSA can lower your operating costs by ensuring that all the preventive maintenance services and repairs are done on time and at the most cost effective intervals. Fewer repairs are scheduled so your equipment is available when needed. You don't need to find and train mechanics, buy or repair tools equipment and diagnostic tools, pay employee benefits, keep parts inventories, or dispose of used fluids etc. Your costs are lower and you can more readily concentrate on what you know best - your business.

What does it cost?

Since each CSA is different, each agreement is costed with your operation in mind. Every machine has a different operating cost, and each site has conditions that will affect the final price. In addition, we offer a number of payment options to suit you.

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