Cat® App

A simple and easy to use machine management tool. No matter where you are, our connected technologies like Cat App and Cat Product Link let you check coordinates and machine status anytime from your smartphone or tablet without turning on your computer, or entering your office.

What can the app do?

  • Can check all machines without having to travel to the venue
  • Order spare parts or make an appointment for service immediately and quickly
  • Plan maintenance and get notifications close to your appointment date
  • Personalize your notifications, such as low-usage alerts, or when something goes wrong
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Money matters. Through Cat App and connected machines, data retrieved is used for calculations to inform you about the most efficient work, and to earm you more savings.

Key distinguishing features :

  • View position, hours of use, fuel level, and initial shortcomings. Add machines and access your list of assets.
  • Set reminders such as low hourly rate, low fuel level warning, and machine defect warning.
  • Plan, manage, and maintain the machine yourself.
  • Linked to for your online spare parts orders.
  • Request service immediately through the menu.
  • Order Cat Product Link to connect with machines online.
  • Use the app to start the Next Generation Cat machines.

Advantages :

  • Check the operation of the machine easily and conveniently.
  • Help reduce costs, increase productivity.
  • Able to plan for maintentance.
  • Track and prevent machine loss.