Chairman & CEO

Mr. Thongsai Burapachaisri

Vice Chairman / MD

Mr. Veera Burapachaisri

Assistant MD

Miss Pimjai Burapachaisri

Metro Machinery Corporate Philosophy

  1. To operate and manage the business with public responsibility and integrity, aiming at fairness and balanced best interests of

  2. To best represent Caterpillar for mutual benefit.

  3. To build customer satisfaction in Caterpillar products and Metro Machinery investments and services.

  4. To establish and develop a sound and dynamic organization to meet challenges, new market opportunities, demands,and
     economic changes.

  5. To develop modern and systematic management so that the company can grow solidly.

  6. To always be the leader in the markets we serve.

  7. To maintain and ensure future corporate stability through satisfactory profitability and acceptable debt to equity ratio.

  8. To assure continuity of an effective and efficient organizational and management structure.

  9. To ensure adequate training is available to all personnel for full development of capabilities and efficiency.

10. To develop ongoing facilities plan which will establish expansion priorities according to market opportunities.