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Repair Options

Increased choice | Increased benefit

Extend the life, and increase the value of the machine. We offer repair options based on yourr needs. We want to help you find the best way to reduce your expenses. With our expertise, and team of skilled technicians, we will help you compare data across our product catalogs worldwide to ensure you have all the necessary information to make the right decisions.

""Why do we need to repair it first ??"... Lifetime of spare parts

Metro can help you optimize components throughout the life of your machine. You can learn about our expertise here in order to select a repair solution that is most suitable for you.

Alternative engine repair work

Engine wear is caused by contact, pressure, and displacement of parts, but Caterpillar spare parts are designed to be reusable. Repairs can make your engines as effective as new again.

We are asking you to provide you with the right repair solution.

How do you choose the most suitable repair solution? Metro will ask you a question and offer repair options that are tailored to suit your equipment.

Wrong belief Is that the Metro offers the sale of expensive items.

High quality comes at a heavier price tag. At Metro, you will receive the best quality spare parts along with the best service. However, we offer cheaper options to match your needs, giving you wide ranging alternatives to consider.

The best care for you

Don't believe the wrong beliefs. The truth is that the Metro wants your machine to last for a long time, and we can offer you the best advice.

We'll take care of you

You get 12 months (2,000 hours) of spare parts and repair warranty. This is the quality guarantee offered, to ensure your confidence in using our machines.

Maintenance and Repair Contract (MARC)

Strengths of Caterpillar and Metro Machinery Capabilities in Mining. Why buy CAT with Maintenance and Repair Contract; MARC by Metro Machinery ?

  • Highly skilled workforce making, high quality repairs in an efficient manner
  • Reduced machine downtime, greater productivity at lower cost per ton
  • Availability and cost guarantees, accurate cash flow management.
  • Provide product support to improve mining operation (operator training & site assessment)
  • PEX and parts availability
  • Customers can focus on targeted production…we will do the maintenance.

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