Central Repair and Spare Parts Warehouse, KM.20

The central repair shop and spare parts warehouse at Metro Machinery Co., Ltd. is located at No. 69 Bangna-Trad Road Km.20, Bang Chalong Subdistrict, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province. There is complete equipment and tools for repair such as Horsepower and Engine Performance Tester (Dyno Test Bench), Fuel Pump & Injector Test Bench, and Hydraulic Test Bench, all carried out by skilled technicians that received training at Caterpillar standard.

Adjust the Condition of the Whole Machine

  • Repair service for adjusting the whole machine (Machine Rebuild) where the customer can set the repair period and co-plan with the company to reduce the period of parking for repairing the machine (Down Time).

Reconditioning the Engine and Transmission

  • Repair work for engine reconditioning, transmission and hydraulic systems such as engines, gears, pumps, motors, differential sets, wheel drives, by highly trained technicians to ensure passing of quality standards of the battery.

Engine / Transmission Performance and Performance Test Chamber

  • The engine and transmission unit will be tested with every performance (horsepower) and efficiency test device called the Engine Dynamometer Test Bench after every major reconditioning to ensure no problems and no wasted time removing for reuse.
  • Engine performance and efficiency test chamber. There is a maximum capacity of 2 sizes, at less than 1000 horsepower and less than 4500 horsepower.

Conditioning the Hydraulic Cylinder

  • Service for removing and assembling seals including hard chrome plated hydraulic cylinder rod for heavy equipment, cranes and other hydraulic equipment used in industrial plants.

Machine Structure and Equipment, Crawler Lower Set

  • Repair service for fixing structural defects and reinforcing the structure of the boom arm, stick, and bucket. With a skilled technician, it is possible to recondition, which saves costs for customers.

Recondition of Fuel System Pumps and Injectors

  • Repair work for engine reconditioning, transmission and hydraulic systems such as engines, gears, pumps, motors, differential sets, wheel drives, with highly trained technicians to ensure meeting the quality standards of the battery.

Oil Sampling Laboratory

  • There is a Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOS) laboratory to determine the potential for wear of internal engine, transmission, and hydraulic components. If an abnormality is found, the problem can be rectified and prevented promptly. For oil sample analysis, it is provided free of charge to all machines that enter the Preventive Maintenance program called “Metro Care”.

Training Center

  • Our service and sales personnel training center at Caterpillar standard provide training for controlling, driving, and maintaining machines for customers both in theory and practice regularly for highest confidence in the product, highest safety and efficiency in operating the machines.

Hydraulic Hose Service Center

  • Service for compressing hydraulic hoses with quality standards in accordance with the catalytic converters (speed up to 1 hour).
  • All hoses are internally cleaned and sealed to prevent contamination in accordance with the Contamination Control standards.